2nd Division
Pacific Northwest Region
National Model Railroad Association

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Get more involved with the PNR Second Division! 

 We're looking for:

o  New board members

o  People to run an "extra" meet locally for them.

o  Editor/contributor for the division news letter

o  Venues to hold “regular” division meets

o  Members with good clinics/presentations to share with others

Call (503) 769-1414 or email me at superintendent@2dpnr.org

2020 Election

The following 2nd Division Board Positions will be up for election in April -May 2020:


Per 2nd Division Bylaws, Section V.8(a):
The Superintendent shall act in all ways as the chief executive of the
Division and attend Region Board Meetings as a voting member
representing the Division.
Current Superintendent: Jeff Shultz

Director 2, Director 4

Per 2nd Division Bylaws, Section V.8:
Officers shall perform the duties provided in these
bylaws and such other duties as assigned by the Division, the BOD, the
Region, or the NMRA. 
Current Director 2: Craig Larson
Current Director 4: Richard Kurschner

A nominating committee consisting of Director Dave Holden and Director Bob Leatha has been established to find nominees for the positions up for election. If you wish to volunteer for either the nominating committee or one of the positions, please contact Dave or Bob through their contact information on the Division Officer page.


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